Nashville Accountant

Welcome to The JPW Group. The fact you’ve landed here suggests you’re interested in finding out a something about us or about some of the services we provide. As the go to Nashville Accountant, we are always happy to share our story.

Nashville AccountantJ P White founded the firm with a simple objective. This has become the foundation of the firm and guides us in our actions and in our relationships with our clients in the field of accounting and tax preparation. It is the core of our Mission Statement. The mission statement simply reads:

The aim of The JPW Group is to provide useful and valuable accounting, tax, and consulting services to small businesses. The price we charge will not be our differentiator, but the value we deliver will be. It is important our clients receive more than they pay for. Valuable services at affordable prices will help our clients not only succeed, but thrive.

There are two commodities small businesses have way to little of – time and money. It seems small businesses frequently find themselves at the edge of a canyon. They need to be on the other side. There’s no bridge to safely get there and trying to jump it is not and option. Where others would turn around and walk away, small businesses seem to find a way to make it happen.

What does this have to do with the Nashville accountant services of The JPW Group? Everything. Actually it’s why we exist. More than any other business group, small businesses benefit from quality accounting, tax, and consulting services; such as those offered by The JPW Group. Larger businesses recognize the benefits. They know organized and accurate financial information give them a leg up on their competition. They accept the fact that without these tools they’ll be left in the dust. That’s why they staff entire departments with trained and experienced people capable of giving them the kind of financial roadmaps that allow them to see problems before they arrive, plan for ways to defend against the problems, and then develop strategies to take advantage of opportunities that could arise in the marketplace as a result of those problems.

As an example let’s say your business has the decision making tools that come from a superior and forward thinking accountant. As a result you are able to see a trend developing that doesn’t seem to bode well for your business and your industry as a whole. Because the trend is showing a consistent behavior and has been validated have time to circle the wagons, reposition resources, and essentially weather the storm. Now imagine that your business didn’t just survive the storm, it grew during the worst of it simply because you were prepared and had a plan. This is what the larger businesses understand and appreciate about proactive accounting services.

Unfortunately the perspective of most small businesses is different. They see accounting as merely a glorified bookkeeping service. It’s an expense of doing business. So their decision of how to implement and maintain a financial record keeping system is driven not by maximizing its value of the data but by minimizing its expense. As a result of this thinking small businesses rarely consider an option that affords them the tools of the larger businesses.

The JPW Group is committed to the small business community in middle Tennessee especially Nashville. We have developed the capability to bring the benefits of the larger Nashville accountant firms to small business at an affordable price point. If you would like to have the same tools in your hands as larger businesses, if you would like to learn how to use these tools to grow your business, if you feel you deserve this advantage, then please contact us. We’d love to answer any questions you have and share with you the kind of difference we can make in the future of your business.

Our Accounting Guarantee

We understand how hard some decisions can be when it comes to a small business allocating precious resources. So to demonstrate our dedication to your businesses we offer the following guarantees:

  1. There are no surprises. We quote our fee in advance. It does not change based on an hourly rate. So you can budget for this and not worry what you might see down the road.
  2. We will always be on time. If we miss a due date or a promise date and as a result there are penalties or interest, we will pay them. AND we will pay you $100.00 for the inconvenience.
  3. If we don’t meet or exceed your expectations, then you decide how much we get paid that month.

We know you haven’t heard these guarantees from any other firm like this. But that’s how committed we are in helping you and how confident we are in our work for you.

So if you are looking for tax advice, bookkeeping, tax preparation experts, we look forward to talking with you.